‘Everybody can do something’

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‘Everybody can do something’

The Can-do Market is a new, shared endeavour involving our three communities in Gloucestershire: Grange Village, Oaklands Park and Taurus Crafts. It takes place at Taurus; being an arts and crafts visitor centre, it’s a ready-made venue for showing and selling.

'Roll up, roll up'

'We want people to buy our products', explains Zoff, who together with Anna, manages the 20-strong woodwork team at Oaklands. 'They are great products, made from beautiful materials.

'And they’re a group effort. They show that everybody can do a little bit of something.'

'The Markets are a real social event', adds Anna. 'They're beautiful things and people like to pick them up and have a chat. We all enjoy explaining how we made or put the toys together, and who does what.

'We use our general positive approach. Colin is excellent at shouting "roll up, roll up" and Tammy is fantastic at talking about all the products.'

Flappy Ducks and Twig Pigs

Visitors to our Can-do Markets in the run-up to Christmas had gorgeous pottery and baskets to choose from, plus charming toys and household items made by the woodwork team.

Flappy Ducks and Twig Pigs sold well, as did the spiral trivets and elegantly slim, hinged salad tongs. 'The tongs are also very good if you get toast stuck in your toaster', says Victor.

We'd love to see you at one of our Can-do Markets. We're at Taurus Crafts, Lydney GL15 6BU, on the last Saturday of every month. To see and buy Oaklands-made wooden products just search for 'The Woodwork Shop CVT' on Facebook or contact Zoff on 01594 510224. You can discover lots more lovely Camphill products too, at