‘It helps lots of people’

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‘It helps lots of people’

Cathy, a member of our Taurus Crafts community, recently gave her 50th blood donation. Here she explains why she is so committed to helping others in this way.

'I started many years ago, when I was living at Oaklands. There was a young co-worker who was a donor. So I thought I’d go and have a look, and went over with her one time. And I thought, it looks really easy. So I became a donor, too.

‘I’m RhO negative which helps anybody. My blood can help in any situation. I’m compatible for everybody.

'My little bit does help'

‘I can give four times a year. I do it at the Town Hall – I can walk there. When I go into the actual hall I have to have a pin prick to make sure that I am capable on that day. Then I go back and I wait and then they call me up and I give the donation.

It’s very quick. And then afterward they provide you with teas and coffees.

‘It helps lots and lots of people. Like babies in hospitals who need transfusions. Every time I come out, I’m thinking my little bit of donation does help.

‘I encourage people I know to give. It doesn’t hurt, you don’t feel it. And it’s really quite interesting because last year, when my dad went to give, they found out he had a heart problem. They picked up the problem because he went. ‘I’m going to keep giving, as long as I can.’