‘We have a good farm’

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‘We have a good farm’

It was a busy summer for our Botton Village farmers. With careful tending, the vegetables thrived in the big field at High Farm – and who would have thought so many tomatoes and salad leaves could come out of one polytunnel?

The number of farm animals grew, too, with a noisy group of turkeys arriving to join the pigs and chickens.

Great work

‘We’ve done a good job’, says Luke, who lives in Botton and is one of the ten-strong team at High Farm. ‘I used to work on the dairy farm, with the cows’, he explains. ‘I moved up here because I wanted a change. I wanted to get more work done.  ‘It’s just been great. We have a good farm.’

An award-winning farm

Another development is that High Farm is now part of Botton Social Farm. Social farms (also known as Care farms) are recognised, high-quality farms that support vulnerable people to learn and develop new skills, in accordance with a clear set of guidelines and standards.

And back in April, Luke and everyone heard the exciting news that Botton Social Farm had won an award from the national charity Care Farming UK: it was named Care Farm of the Month. ‘It’s a really good award’, explains Luke.

Naturally Camphill

Social farming fits naturally into the Camphill tradition and spirit of active participation, says Botton Social Farm manager Robin: ‘People get involved in all aspects of farming, from looking after the animals, to sowing and weeding the vegetables, to harvesting them.’

The quality assurance conferred by Care Farm UK will enable more people who live outside Botton Village, like Ashley, to join in too.

‘I like working on the farm’, Ashley says. ‘It’s interesting. If I wasn’t here I would just be at home.’