Able to go anywhere

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Able to go anywhere

We wish to say an enormous thank you to all the friends who donated to help buy a large vehicle, to benefit Alex, Anthony, Val, Maggie and Peter at Ashfield House in Stourbridge.

'We look like the A Team!'

At first, everyone was a bit overawed by the size of the new 'wheels' – the car reminded people of the one driven by the famous television A Team. 

But after a few weeks of making local journeys it was agreed the time had come to celebrate, with a day out to Scarborough. 

'Before, we were restricted in what we could do, as we couldn’t physically fit everyone and everything into one vehicle', explains Sharon, who's in charge at Ashfield House. 

'We can now take everyone out very comfortably, along with wheelchairs, shopping and even luggage.'

Everything from short trips to group holidays has now become possible. The roomy vehicle gives everyone a happier, less stressful ride, as there's no sense of overcrowding, which can cause agitation on long journeys. 

'It has grab rails and steps, which people need to get in and out of it easily as well', Sharon adds. 'It has liberated us.'