Adventures in acting

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Adventures in acting

There's nothing quite like being in a play. There's the discipline of learning lines. The effort involved in attending rehearsals. The nerves to overcome! But it is rewarding, say two of our keenest actors, Douglas and John, who recently performed in an original piece of theatre. Inspired by the musical tale of Peter and the Wolf, it played to packed audiences in the Grange Community Hall, and was reckoned to be one of the best events of the year.

A group endeavour

It was a collaborative project, involving a number of people from the Grange and the nearby ASHA centre for peace studies. When the group began work together, they didn’t know where their creativity might take them.

Then John had an idea: 'I thought, let's do Peter and the Wolf. I knew the music already.' 'The music came from me because I had the CD', says Douglas. I gave it to Lucy, our director, and she was fascinated.'

Lucy wrote a script, and when the time came to assign parts, John and Douglas were thrilled. 'She told me I was going to play Peter', says John. 'I was shocked at first, and then really pleased.'

Douglas was chosen to be the Narrator. 'The play began with me, because I told the story from the beginning to the end', he explains.

Interesting insights

'Acting is very good', John says. It's very hard work – you have to keep going when you're acting. But it's good.'

'I think it's interesting trying to create new things', says Douglas. 'And I think acting and performing in front of people makes it warmer and more real.'