Up, up and away

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Up, up and away

A group from The Grange had an amazing day out, soaring above the clouds with Fly 2 Help, a Gloucestershire-based charity that helps people improve their well-being through experiencing the exhilaration of flight.

’Sights from a height’

Ian found it really interesting and educational. ‘When the first group of us went up in the plane, we went towards Prince Charles’ house, Highgrove, and the Severn Bridge and then flew back to the airfield. While that happened, the second group went to look around things like the airport tower, and then went to talk to the fire brigade about what they do.’

‘Then the second group went up and did the same trip. And when they came back we had lunch and then we all went to look at the planes. We saw a Lancaster bomber then after that we went back to the café and talked about what a lovely day it was. Everybody enjoyed it.’

’A special experience’

‘It was the charity’s tenth anniversary, so they were hosting parties of people’, Leo explains. ‘If you’ve never flown in a small plane, you’re going to find it a lot more of an experience than in a big plane. It’s really something different.’

She thinks Tina loved it the most. ‘You could tell from her expressions, they were fantastic. I think it was one of her best outings ever. ‘It was really nice. The joy of it is something, you know? I don’t think I’d ever want to fly one, though!’