The Archbishop came to see us

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The Archbishop came to see us

Mark, Charlotte and Joseph met the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, when he visited The Croft community earlier this year.

A nourishing welcome

The visit came during the final stage of Archbishop John's six-month pilgrimage of Prayer, Witness and Blessing across the Diocese of York – and began with a lunch of homemade soup and rolls at the Kingfisher Café.

'He came with people from the different churches and it was busy', says Joseph, one of the Café bakers. 'It was a Saturday and there were a lot of people, it was very full up. All the Café staff made the food.

'I was pleased John Sentamu called into the Café to see us, because he confirmed me in York Minster last year', Joseph explains. 'I got confirmed because I wanted to be part of the Church of England. There were hundreds of people and it was dark outside. But inside the light was shining on the colourful windows and the choir was singing.'

'He thought it was interesting'

After lunch, Archbishop John had a little tour of the community, and talked to Charlotte and Mark. 'I chatted to him a lot', says Mark. 'All about how I came to The Crof't.

'He was interested. He's a very nice man. He got lots of information about The Croft as well, so that was good.'

Mark and Charlotte had a special gift to give the Archbishop: a beautiful felt picture showing a pilgrim walking through the countryside, which they signed at his request.

'A group of us made the picture', Charlotte says. 'He very much liked it. We showed him the Weavery, where we made it'.

'I think he thought his visit was pretty interesting.'