Being more independent

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Being more independent
Enabling people to grow and develop is a core aim of our communities. For some, this means moving into independent accommodation, with support to ensure they can manage, whilst still remaining a part of their community – as James has done, in Botton Village.

James lives in one of the Treehouses in Botton – so called due to their surroundings.

‘It’s a self-contained flat’, he explains. ‘There’s a large field and a small forest in front. When I look out I see rabbits and pigeons and the occasional pheasant.’

'I like to have a challenge'

James moved because ‘I’d been living in Botton for eight and a half years, in shared houses. I felt it was time to move forward.’

It’s brought new responsibilities: ‘I feel I have to be more on top of things, and more organised.’ That goes for everything from doing his own cooking and cleaning, to managing his finances – and learning along the way.

‘I do quiche, risotto and lasagna from scratch. I was extremely unsuccessful at homemade rice pudding, though. I really shouldn’t have cooked the rice first!

‘Another thing is I’m going to college two and half days a week. I’m doing courses in Maths and English. I’m enjoying the atmosphere, and seeing different people and different things that go on during the week.’

He and his Botton friends Juliet and Jim go out together, too, for meals in Whitby or York: ‘We get the train from Danby station.’

The beauty of living in Botton is that James has all the benefits of being part of a community, and the right balance of independence. ‘I have help with shopping, finances and medical things. I definitely get the support I need.’