Ben’s pompom ram

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Ben’s pompom ram
Ben, a resident of The Croft Community, enjoys making pompoms. He’s made pompom sheep, hedgehogs, chickens, cushions, rugs and even a pompom chair.
No one thought he could top the chair idea, but then a visitor brought him a photo of a pompom ram she had seen. This was all the inspiration Ben needed to begin his next project.

A pompom master

‘Ben has such fantastic creative ideas, and we just go with them’, says Penny, who manages the community’s Weavery.

‘He really enjoys the method of making pompoms, from winding the wool to looking into the box at the end of the day to see how many he has done. He’s a pompom master.’

It took perseverance

Ben got all the pompoms ready before starting to put his ram together. He included some blue ones because he likes that colour.

The horns were the biggest task, but with Penny’s help, Ben persevered and created a most amazing piece.

It has pride of place in Ben’s bedroom at Yew Tree Cottage – which, it’s been suggested, should perhaps now be called Ewe Tree Cottage.