Botton’s book lovers

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Botton’s book lovers
Botton’s book lovers

When the big blue bus from Whitby library rolled into Botton Village, it was an exciting day for everyone. Sadly, the mobile library service has come to an end, but that hasn’t stopped the devoted readers of Botton. They’ve decided to set up their own library instead.

‘A very nice chap from Whitby library came to advise us on how we could do it,’ says Rosie, who is helping to run the new library inside what was once the Village Store.

‘Crime, gardening, sport, nature… there are more books than I ever imagined, with some large print books for those who need them and a junior section too. We can all sit down to read or browse in the big room with sofas and a nice table.’

Some of Botton’s keenest readers are pitching in to help. ‘There’s quite a few of us involved in running it,’ Rosie says. ‘And we’ve set up a proper system of library cards to check books in and out.’

You could say the new librarians of Botton Village are doing things by the book.