A Botton tradition

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A Botton Christmas tradition
A Botton tradition

In Botton Village the festive season begins on the first Friday in December with a very jolly Christmas party – for residents only.

The tradition began with a small do for the team at Botton Press as a thank you from the Fundraising Office for all their hard work. (Without the help of everyone at the Press we’d have trouble printing and sending you our news!)

Then more workshops became involved…and the Maintenance Team stepped forward to help with the preparations so that every Botton resident could be invited. 

Now, tools are downed across Danby Dale on party day, as people flock to the Joan of Arc Hall to enjoy an afternoon of food, music and games. The ‘Fundraising Ladies’ – as the Fundraising Office are called by all in Botton – hold a tombola at Open Day to pay for the refreshments and presents.

‘It’s really nice’, says Jane. ‘Nearly everybody in Botton comes. There’s singing, and dancing and Santa Claus comes and gives you a present.’ 

And when songs by Status Quo are played, the stage is suddenly full of people playing air guitar.