Branching out

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Branching out
Meet Owen, who moved this year from his home city of Sheffield to join The Croft community in Malton. He feels it’s opened up his life, in all kinds of ways.
Happy to be here

‘I came in July’, he says. ‘I gave it a trial run first. I really liked it here. And now I hope I’ll be here for a very long while. I’m all the better for it.

‘I can go down into town to get a paper, and have a coffee out. I also go to the Roman fort, the castle gardens, and the library. It feels safe here.’

New things to do and learn

Owen also likes the variety of activities he can be involved in, and the new opportunities they offer him: ‘I do farming, drama, gardening and upcycling – that’s taking old furniture and doing it up. I’m making a bird feeder, too.’ He’s learning customer service skills in the community’s Kingfisher café: ‘I work one day a week at the café, which is mostly very busy. Serving customers is kind of a new thing for me.

New places and faces

‘I’ve made lots of friends. I go out to social events, and I’ve been trying to get down to the fitness centre with Steph. I go out running at the weekend. I’m getting to know the area a lot more now.

‘At home, my housemates are Jamie, Tadgh, Charlie and George. We have specific days when we cook. I believe I’m cooking tonight – lasagne, two kinds. We always make two mains because some of us are vegetarian.’

The support Owen receives is enabling him to do more things for himself, at home and in the community. ‘I like being more independent’, he says.