Causing quite a stir at Newton Dee

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Causing quite a stir at Newton Dee

It’s less than two years since the finishing stone of the Phoenix Centre was unveiled to cheers from the whole village. It was built with the kind donations of friends of Camphill and has already become the beating pulse of life in Newton Dee.

One resident who has really been making the most of the new opportunities this building has brought is John, who gave an art exhibition in the main hall earlier this year and has also written a play which was performed there by the drama group on Michaelmas Day. ‘The new hall is much bigger than the old one, so there was space for the whole village to come to watch,’ John said. ‘I even had a speaking part in the play. I’ve really been fulfi lling my ambitions.’ Something else that’s been causing quite a stir in the village is the work going on at Dolphin House. It’s been demolished to make way for a  wonderful new home, which will be shared by 6 residents.

‘At the moment it’s just rubble,’ John says, ‘But we’re all looking forward to seeing the building begin.’