Celebrating the harvest at St Albans

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Joy and Ed in the willow dome
Celebrating the harvest at St Albans

Celebrating the harvest at St Albans

Preparations for Michaelmas are underway at St Albans. The Seeds of Nurture Allotment group will be holding a barbecue to celebrate bringing the harvest home. Traditional festivals like this are an important part of CVT's heritage, a time when communities can come together.

There’s plenty to celebrate this year. In recent years the group have worked hard to clear an overgrown plot next to their established allotment. Now their expanded site (with its polytunnel, greenhouse and living willow dome) is at the end of a second full growing season. and the group are reaping the benefits of their hard work.

Nurturing new friendships

“The neighbouring allotment holders are so friendly" says Joy "they often stop by for a cup of tea or to share cuttings with our members. We’re looking forward to inviting everyone to our Michaelmas barbecue. It’s a chance to mark the changing seasons, so we’ll be encouraging people to share poems and readings with a harvest theme.”

Learning new skills all year round

After the harvest is gathered, there’s still plenty to do on the allotment. Willow work, recycling pallets and of course looking after the chickens (who provide the eggs for St Albans’ Café on the Corner) will continue over winter. “There’s always plenty to do here” says Joy, “And our members get a confidence boost from nurturing plants from seed, and making new friends.

Ed enjoys turning his hand to a variety of tasks. “We grow leeks, onion and sweetcorn. I like all the different things going on here – growing, composting, helping keep the site tidy” he says. “But the best bit is the teamwork, everyone working together.”

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