'Clay is a great material'

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'Clay is a great material'

It is mid-morning in the Grange Pottery and Malcolm, who oversees activities here, is singing the praises of working with clay.
'It is a great material to work with, and making things is a calm, relaxing job', he says. 'People can see what they've done, and have a sense of pride.' 

New ventures

Angela is definitely very proud of her coffee cups and saucers. 'They're for cappuccino', she says. 'After you make the cup, Malcolm puts the slip on. Then Martin puts on the handles. Then they will be glazed. It's a nice job and you can put your initials on.' (Like potters the world over, everyone here puts a personal stamp on their work.)

The creative cycle

Going back to the ever-versatile clay, Ian has been working on another new line of pottery, etched with a leaf pattern and then glazed green. 'They come out very nice', he says. And if something doesn’t work out, it can be turned back into clay, and into something else. As Malcolm says, 'Pottery is like a cycle. It goes around. There are all kinds of levels of work. And it's all pleasing to do.'