Cooking confidence

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Cooking confidence

A new cooking group at Berith and Camphill community is supporting people to be the confident, safe and nutrition-aware chefs they want to be.

'It's all healthy food'

As Sandra puts it, ‘I have been learning healthy cooking. I’ve done lots of recipes. Now I can do some of my own cooking at home, like stir fries.’

‘I love it’, says Michelle. ‘We do loads of things. Today we’re doing omelettes with vegetables. It’s all healthy food.’

'Learning together'

‘We keep it small, and have different sessions to suit different needs and abilities’, explains Jenny, who leads the group. ‘Usually we make a meal we can eat then and there, with a separate portion for everyone to take home.’ And there’s always a delicious, fruit and vitamin packed smoothie-of-the-day.

As the group cooks together, they cover all sorts of knowledge and skills – everything from alternatives to sugary, processed foods, and the health benefits of different foods, to portion sizes and keeping safe in the kitchen.

Much yumminess

Fresh seasonal food plays a starring role in every meal, using produce grown by the community at Ashfield Gardens. Going there to harvest vegetables and herbs can add another practical and even therapeutic aspect to being part of the cooking group.

There’ll be a bit of seasonal fun and sweetness on the menu, too, when the group makes mince pies and gingerbread houses for Christmas.