Cool cats

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Cool cats

People in the Berith and Camphill Partnership drama group have been transforming themselves into some famous felines.

With support from drama leader Keith, they turned poems from TS Elliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats into a show of their own.

They’ve performed their version of Cats for friends in their community and even took it ‘on the road’ to an event in Dudley.

Those who’ve seen it have been really impressed with the actors’ skills and hard work.

Keeping in character

The group meets weekly to rehearse. ‘We start with warm up exercises which can be a combination of drama, speech and eurythmy – a system of rhythmical movements to music’, says Keith.

‘Then we go through all our words, and practise coming and going at the right moments, keeping in character all the time, remembering we are cats!’

'It's fun'

Taking part in drama activities can build confidence and new friendships. And of course, having found the courage to stand up and perform, there’s nothing more rewarding than hearing the applause and appreciation at the end.

As Alice says, ‘It’s fun. I like joining in. I like what it’s about.