Craft from the Croft on sale in Scarborough

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Craft from the Croft on sale in Scarborough

Craft from the Croft on sale in Scarborough

The popularity of the soap and candles from the craft workshop at the Croft in Malton is all down to the hard work of the people who make them. There's a job for everyone at every stage of the process, from making the products to designing the packaging.

Meeting Individual Needs

"We’ve just finished an order for 64 hand dipped candles" says Emma. "But although we're busy, we never lose sight of the reason we're here. Supporting everyone to work at their own pace and achieve their goals is what it's all about. Everyone has something unique to contribute."

That contribution can be the practical skills of soap and candle making. "We put in rose, lemon or mint to make the soap smell nice" says Rosie, who attends the workshop every week. "I like getting everything ready to sell." 

New Skills and Ideas

But Rosie and her fellow community members have also been finding out what happens to the finished products. Along the way, they've picked up some good advice and ideas about selling and marketing.

"We went to Scarborough, to see if we could sell our candles in a shop" explains Rosie "It was a pretty shop, our candles would look good there."

The group designed a questionnaire for Linda Jameson, owner of Lindy Lou Creations in Scarborough, who is a friend of the craft workshop.  With her advice, they're now developing product brochures to help promote their wares to other retailers. Linda will also be stocking the Croft's products. She told us "you work with inspirational people who are producing good quality products. They are unique and have a story to tell."

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