Dancing at Delrow

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Dancing at Delrow
Ballroom dancing lessons have been putting an extra spring in our step at Delrow.

Having enjoyed some lessons in the past, residents asked for ballroom dancing to come back – everyone’s very pleased it’s started up again!

The lessons take place every other Tuesday in the community hall. They’re open to all residents and staff as well as local people who have learning disabilities. ‘It spreads the joy, and creates new friendships’, says staff member Kat.

Benefitting mind and body

Residents Penny and Lisa are two regular participants. Along with being a lively social occasion, learning and practising dance steps together supports physical and cognitive well-being – all while having fun.

‘Our teachers are Katrina and Kevin’, explains Lisa. The waltz is her favourite dance: ‘Lisa’s learned it so well, she often ends up dancing with Kevin’, says Kat.

People like to dance

A lesson lasts for an hour and half, and Lisa and Penny do not sit down the entire time. Penny says: ‘It’s very good. I enjoy ballroom dancing because I like keeping fit. And I like all the dances.’