Delrow celebrates 50 wonderful years

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Delrow celebrates 50 wonderful years
Delrow celebrates 50 wonderful years

It was a time for fond memories and joyful celebration at Delrow on 3rd July, when the community celebrated its 50th anniversary.

‘The sun came out for a glorious dayof singing, poems, dancing, tree planting and sharing,’ says Simone, one of the house co-ordinators. ‘We invited friends and families, and opened our doors to our neighbours. The Hare Krishna community that lives across the fields even came to cook a delicious lunch of paneer and dal for everyone.’

After months of preparation,everyone was hoping the day would go well. The drama group had rehearsed scenes from A Midsummer Night’sDream, which they performed in full costume to a packed audience.

A trip down memory lane

‘We were celebrating both the pastand the future of Delrow,’ says Simone.‘A few of our residents – Susan, Markand John – have been here since the beginning, it was lovely to hear their memories and thoughts.’ Rowan, themost recent and youngest member tojoin the Delrow community, also took the opportunity to share his joy in finding a new home at Delrow.

Newby, who lived in Botton Villagebefore he came to Delrow, has been with Camphill for 51 years altogether. ‘I was a bit nervous,’ he said. ‘But Igave a talk all about “my Camphill” and how I came here. It’s been a hugepart of my life.’ Newby’s speech was very impressive and received one ofthe loudest cheers of the day.

For Sylvia, another longstanding and much-loved member of thecommunity, it was exciting to seeso many familiar faces. ‘I got to meet many, many old friends andco-workers who used to live here,’ shesaid. ‘It was such a wonderful day.’