Did you see us?

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Did you see us?
Did you see us?

Ourselves, our cows, our cheese… We hope you saw Botton Village on television, in the BBC cookery programme ‘Paul Hollywood’s Pies and Puds’. It was a great experience that left us feeling really proud.

Thank you
We’d like to thank everyone we met during the filming – you were so lovely – and all the friends who sent messages of congratulations when the show went out.

It wouldn’t have happened without our friend Andy, who sells Botton cheese at The Courtyard Dairy in Settle. It was there that one of the programme’s researchers first tasted our organic Dale End Cheddar – which led to a crew coming to film the whole cheese-making process, from the farmers milking the cows to a Botton household enjoying the finished product.

Zooming cameras
It got even more exciting when Ian, Rob and Alastair from our creamery went to London to film with Paul Hollywood, and help cook a pie using Dale End Cheddar and organic Botton onions.

‘We went to the place where it all happened, with cameras zooming in and everything’, says Rob. ‘Paul Hollywood asked questions about the cheese, and he asked me to mash the potatoes for the pie. Then we ate it afterwards – he gave us a slice each, just on its own, and it was very nice indeed.’

‘I liked the way the programme got more customers for the creamery’, says Ian. And indeed it did! So much so that Dale End Cheddar quickly sold out. Each batch takes at least 13 months to mature, so there’s been a wait for more to be ready. ‘You can’t rush quality’, says Alastair. ‘Big manufacturers use
additives to speed up the process, but our cheeses are produced and aged using natural methods.’

However, if you would like a taste of Dale End, here’s an inside tip: the next batch should be ripe and ready for eating in April, and can be ordered from