Enjoying Oak Tree Cottage

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Enjoying Oak Tree Cottage

As you may remember, last year we wrote to you about Oak Tree Cottage and Beehive, two homes at the Croft community that needed building work and refurbishment.

'It's great'

We’re delighted to report that a very generous gift, donated anonymously, paid for all the work that was needed at Oak Tree Cottage.

Gareth, Mark and Paul are now settled there, and in Mark's words, 'It's great. My room is lovely. I'm building up my confidence and independence, really. I've been making healthy meals, like spaghetti bolognese.'

'We all get on well', says Gareth. 'We do the shopping together. We take it in turns to do the cooking. We watch telly together – we like soaps and movies. Paul adds, 'The garage was turned into a sitting room. The builders must have poured a lot of cement. It has a wooden floor and a carpet now. I'm glad I made the choice to live here.'

Thank you for your friendship

Our warmest thanks go to Oak Tree's anonymous benefactor, and to all the friends who so generously responded to our fundraising appeal.

Every single gift has made a real difference, and your amazing support has helped us towards meeting the costs of the work needed at Beehive, to adapt it for older residents. We very much look forward to updating you when the project is complete. Thank you again for your wonderful kindness.