Feeling chirpy in the Crow’s Nest

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Feeling chirpy in the Crow’s Nest

A year ago last summer (CFL37 2011), we wrote to you about the sad state of the Crow’s Nest at the Grange Community. What a change you’ve made.

Your donations helped pull down the failing building and replace it with one that’s making lots of people very happy.

We’re ‘trilled’

There’s something in the new Crow’s Nest for everyone. The Pottery team are especially thrilled (should that be ‘trilled’?)

Having decamped during the building work to three chilly caravans, where it was a challenge to get clay pieces dry enough to be fired, it was wonderful to return to the Crow’s Nest and a spacious, warm,
vastly improved workshop.

And it’s the same throughout the new building. ‘There is a new games room, and a kitchen and café where we can have meals together, or watch films together’, says Tom. ‘The café has internet and a separate work area so the literacy group can do computer lessons. And people can practise IT skills.’

It’s all so lovely the Basket Workshop are thinking they might move in as well! For years, the Crow’s Nest needed rebuilding. Chris, who was involved with the project from start to finish, says ‘It began with one generous legacy gift. We are incredibly grateful to all our friends
who have helped bring it to fruition.