Feeling great

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Feeling great
Feeling great

Katharine and Kristian from Oaklands Park are here to tell you about ‘Get Fit, Feel Better’ – a course on fitness and healthy living they chose to take this year.

For two hours a week over six weeks, Katharine, Kristian and others from Oaklands gathered together with Marie an instructor from the National Star College in Cheltenham, who led them in all sorts of interesting activities and discussions.

Balls and balloons

"We learned some exercises and games", says Katharine. "We played cat and mouse with balls that we threw in different directions." Kristian liked playing Boccia, a form of indoor bowls. There was a balloon game to build dexterity, and a parachute game that got everyone moving and laughing as they took it in turns to hold aloft and then duck under a piece of billowing cloth. "I loved it and it helped me to move around",Katherine says.

Soup or sausage roll?

The course also gave people a chance to learn more about diet and other factors that can affect health. ‘Water and sleeping, they’re the most important’, says Katharine.

"I would say they were possibly the best bunch of people I have ever taught", says Marie. "Very open to new ideas and a pleasure to work with." Kristian says, "I was really proud of Marie, too. I thought the course was really good. I’m doing lots of running and walking now."