A five-star experience at the Kingfisher Café

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A five-star experience at the Kingfisher Café
A five-star experience at the Kingfisher Café

The Kingfisher Café in Malton is a lovely place to stop for a bite, and a fun place to work. Take Joanna, for example. Sometimes she’s on the till. Other times she's waitressing. She even helps out in the kitchen. It’s definitely never dull.

Recently Joanna and her colleagues took part in a Food Hygiene course. It lasted for a whole day and it's fair to say it was considered a roaring success, with everyone helping each other. 'We worked as a team,' explains Tom.

'We’re a warm, welcoming and hard-working café'.

This togetherness also makes for a very successful café. 'We're number one in Malton on TripAdvisor,' beams Tom, who also reads the comments on the site. 'They're really nice. People have really enjoyed everything that we've been doing in the café.'

Quality is essential too. 'The customers keep coming back because they know it's fresh every day. Sometimes it comes from the garden. Sometimes from Dale's the greengrocers.'

They say the proof is in the pudding, so next time you're in the area, why not pop in and taste it for yourself?