Flying high over the fields

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Flying high over the fields
Flying high over the fields

Keep your eyes peeled on a visit to Botton Village and you might just catch a glimpse of a miniature Hudson Spyhawk Glider soaring overhead. Budding aviator, Daniel, has been fascinated with model and radiocontrolled aircraft for many years.

‘I’ve made model planes from scrap – old pieces of wood, polystyrene and lots of sticky tape. I also make them from kits. The transfers can be a bit fiddly but they’re nice to keep when they’re finished. I put them on display in my bedroom – planes, helicopters, big ones, small ones, all different models. I’ve got 14 of them.’

‘When I start making a plane, I like to do it all in one go. I don’t stop until it’s finished!’

‘I feel quite proud of myself because I’ve learned all about the radio controlled planes by reading magazines. I’ve also been going to an indoor flying club called BMFA at nearby Nunthorpe where there are lots of people who can help me. They know all about the bits and bobs you need.’

Living in a wide open space is an important part of Daniel’s hobby. ‘There’s a big field next to my house and if the wind is right I’ll take them out to fly. It’s the perfect place.’