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Food glorious food

Loch Arthur scoops food ‘Oscar’

‘Chuffed.’ ‘Really, really pleased.’ ‘Ecstatic.’ ‘Overwhelming honour.’ ‘More than we ever expected.’

That’s how members of our Loch Arthur Community feel about winning BBC Radio 4’s Food and Farming Award for the Best Food Producer in Britain. Loch Arthur was among many outstanding nominees for this top food accolade. ‘Just to be nominated was nice’, says cheesemaker Christoph. ‘To win was amazing.’

While Loch Arthur’s cheeses have garnered many awards, this award celebrates all of Loch Arthur’s produce, from its vegetables and bread to its beef, lamb and pork. ‘We have 500 acres of farmland here, and everybody is involved in some way in the food production. So it’s an award for the whole community’, Christoph says.

 ‘I was happy’

Fiona, who helps to feed the pigs and cows, was as pleased as anyone. Farming is her main job, but she also works in the Creamery, where among other things she mills the Farmhouse Cheese curds by hand – a task requiring great strength. ‘‘I love my work’, she says. ‘All my jobs are my favourites.’

‘It’s unbelievable how we did it’, says Adam of the award. But like Fiona, his work on the farm, in the Creamery and in the garden all made a contribution. Lately he’s been learning how to scoop curds to make into Criffel, the cheese that the BBC judges were most enthusiastic about.

Chef Richard Corrigan, chairman of the judges, said: ‘The spirit of Loch Arthur will follow me to my dying day. That cheese is not just good – it’s a great cheese.’

As always, none of this would be possible without all the wonderful people who support us in what we do. So, while we celebrate this honour, we also gladly share it with you.