A fruitful gift

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A fruitful gift
A fruitful gift

Thanks to one of our wonderful friends (who wishes to remain anonymous, but we can reveal she lives in Edinburgh, and takes great pleasure in gardening and the outdoors), this autumn a new apple orchard was planted at Oaklands Park community, and a new cold store built at Larchfield.

Her gift was a Lifetime Gift (a gift made during your lifetime, as opposed to being bestowed via a Will after your death). Our friend chose to give this way, as opposed to a traditional gift in her will, so that she would have the satisfaction of knowing what it has been used for.

Apples growing in Dawn field

A lasting tribute to her generosity is now growing in ‘Dawn’ field at Oaklands Park, where a good mix of baby native apple trees – some 300 in all – were planted in November. People from Oaklands, as well as other communities in the area, their families and the wider local community came to help. ‘We want it to be a place where anyone can come to help look after the trees and harvest the fruit’, explains Miriam from Oaklands. ‘It’s a nice thing for the future, and for bringing people together.’

Cool fruit and veg

Larchfi eld already has lots of apples. ‘In a good year we’ll harvest between four and fi ve tonnes’, says gardener Simon. What they needed was a cold store in which to keep them fresh. And the carrots. And the seed potatoes. And next year, the strawberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants, gooseberries, plums… and all the other bounty of their land! The Lifetime Gift enabled such a cold store to be built, at the garden workshop. ‘It really reduces waste which is something that’s very important to us’, adds Simon.