A good day in the garden

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Greg in the garden
A good day in the garden

From tender spring salads and ripe red summer tomatoes, to parsnips and beetroot in the autumn, Greg’s work in the garden makes a difference each and every time he and his housemates sit down to a meal.

‘I sing about wanting the day to go slow and not fast’

‘I do some planting and some weeding and some harvesting,’ he says. ‘Keith is in charge. Ivan and Rolf are there sometimes, and James, Anthony and David.

‘There’s banter and singing – I sing some of my own lyrics sometimes. About having a good day, and wanting the day to go slow and not fast.

‘Tea breaks are nice. Digestive biscuits and a cup of tea. Everyone likes tea break.

‘In the afternoons I’m in the needlecraft workshop. Two evenings a week I go to the gym. Wednesday there’s just a few of us but on Thursday there’s more and we have to take the minibus. I go on the treadmill, lift weights and other things. After that, and the gardening, I’m tired!’