A good feeling

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A good feeling

Congratulations to Fiona from The Croft community for her five years of voluntary work at St Catherine’s Hospice charity shop in Malton.

Fiona was awarded a certificate and badge at a special event held at St Catherine’s main hospice site in Scarborough.

‘Myself and a few of my colleagues all travelled down to Scarborough’, she says. ‘We had a barbeque, with everyone out in the sunshine, and then the presentation of our certificates.

I was really pleased to receive mine, and I’m proud to have it on my wall at home.’

Volunteering at the shop has been a fulfilling addition to Fiona’s life. She says, ‘It was just something extra that I wanted to do as a voluntary job. I had support from one of our Camphill staff to apply. Then I went through an interview where they asked me about my experience of the shop itself.’

'I enjoy being there'

‘It’s in the town centre of Malton. They’ve made me feel really welcome there, even with me having a disability. They are a lovely group.

‘I help the customers sometimes – I do get to know a fair few who come in regularly. I do dusting and helping to keep the place tidy.

If anything’s not right I will show it to my colleagues. ‘I enjoy being there and it’s a good feeling to be helping the hospice.’