Good news for Milltown

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Good news for Milltown

To all our supporters and The Camphill Family team, very many thanks for all the generous donations and hard work you undertook to enable us to build our new Workshop.  We recently received the building warrant and so now we can begin in earnest. The company that will supply the kit can now draw up the final plans, following which we can start with the foundations and ground work and we will be ready for them at the beginning of September. The kit itself will go up relatively quickly, meaning that it will be wind and water tight before the winter and we can work on the interior from then onwards.

It's really very much appreciated by all of us here. Everybody is very excited by the prospect of getting going with the work and enjoying the benefits - especially after the last months of bad weather when so many woodwork products just could not get painted as the painting has to be done outside.

Please pass on our thanks to all our supportive friends and everybody involved in the appeal - your grateful friends at Milltown Community.