A great day at Larchfield

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A great day at Larchfield

Botton Village, The Croft and Larchfield form a natural group of communities; they’re close enough together that you could visit them in a day. And this year, people from all three communities came together at Larchfield to share ideas, inspiration and celebrate achievements at a regional forum. These events are organised by Learn to lead team members of the hosting communities. They are held across the charity with each community hosting one forum a year. Along with being enjoyable social occasions, they help shape the future direction of our charity.

Sharing news

At Larchfield, proceedings began with everyone introducing themselves by sharing a favourite activity, and then people shared some of the recent community events that they had been involved in coproducing.

Sean, Etienne and William described recent courses and celebrations in Botton. George from the Croft explained his idea of using images to aid communication. And Larchfield’s Glen, Stephen and Amanda reported on the fun social evenings they’ve been having. 

Then it was down to the main business: talking about, and building on, last year’s My Life survey, and discussing how support could develop to enable people to live the life they choose.

After a tasty lunch, there was a highly competitive but light-hearted game of rounders from which The Croft emerged victorious! Thanks to everyone in Larchfield for hosting a great and purposeful day.