Happy neighbours

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Happy neighbours
You may remember that last year, our Camphill St Albans community completed work on its wonderful new Michaelmas Hall, a purpose-built space for socialising, meeting, working and enjoying all kinds of activities. 
The Hall was built across the back gardens of two community houses. While all the work was going on, it made sense to sort these houses out too, to make them fit for the future. As well as being cost-effective, it’s always best to get the disruption over in one go!

Today, Lou, Ruth and Tom are definitely feeling pleased with the refurbishments.

Tom, who was in a bedsit, is delighted to have more space: ‘They basically knocked my flat through into another one’, he explains. ‘I’ve got a bedroom, living room and kitchen now.’

Lou loves her new flat too: ‘Ruth lives downstairs and I live upstairs. We see each other, but we each have our own space. That’s good, because my flat is full of cuddly toy monkeys – they’re my favourite.’

But it’s Ruth, perhaps, who can see the most difference; she lived in her flat for ten years prior to the renovations. ‘It’s a lot better now’, she says. ‘The kitchen especially – they redid the kitchen and I’ve got new cupboards.’

 ‘Now we have Michaelmas Hall I quite often go to activities there’,  Ruth continues. ‘We’re having a party tonight, and often there’s table tennis and ball games and things like that. People have cups of tea and chat to each other.’

It all adds to the happy, neighbourly feeling of living here.