Having a Ball together

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Having a Ball together

’It was sociable, it was glamorous - and it was so much fun’

From the moment people walked up the red carpet, to the last dance under the swirling disco lights, our first North East Communities Ball felt like a dream come true. So many of us had never experienced anything like it. Everyone looked and felt like a star – and all agreed it was a very special way to come together as communities, get together with old friends and make new ones.

We are so thankful to the organising committee from Botton Village, The Croft and Larchfield, for taking an idea put forward by the communities’ ‘Learn to lead’ groups, and doing wonders to make it happen.

’It was fantastic’

Residents Jane, Mark and Stephanie stepped forward to find the perfect venue. ‘We went round different places to find one to go to’, says Jane. ‘We picked Guisborough Hall because it was a bit bigger and wider, for wheelchairs. We looked at some other places and they were a bit too small.’

Staff came on board to volunteer, including Amanda who offered to help coordinate the entire event. ‘It was a huge team effort, from asking for donations of evening gowns, to designing 170 invitations, to getting people ready and to the ball on time’, she says. ‘Staff made a massive contribution on the run up, all day and throughout the evening.’

High points of the event included the excitement of choosing outfits, getting glammed up by the hairdressers, the delicious meal, the sweet cart, entertainment from singer Beth Coates, the heartfelt speeches and of course the non-stop dancing. Simon the DJ says ‘I only put a song on to do a sound check and everybody was straight onto the dance floor. It was such a pleasure to see everyone happy and enjoying the music.’

’It was magical - everything went ahead without a hiccup, and everyone enjoyed the evening together’, says Amanda.

’There were a lot of people there’, says Jane. ‘I liked everything. It was fantastic.’