Hello from Holly

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Hello from Holly

Holly has been a resident with us for just over a year now. Before, she had been living with her parents and was an apprentice in a hotel. Here she gives you a glimpse of her life at The Grange community in Gloucestershire.

'I live in Orchard House with other people. It's lots of fun.

'I used to work in the garden. I helped look after the chickens. Now I work at the bakery. I make bread and rolls, on Wednesday morning.

'Also I work in the tea room in Littledean. I serve the customers with drinks.

'On Saturday and Sunday, I go out, have lunch and go shopping and to the cinema. I am training to pick up my medications from the chemist and take the bus on my own.

'I go to a group where I do art and dance. I like to do pantomime. We have just done one at Oaklands.

'I do enjoy it at The Grange. I wish everybody a Merry Christmas.'