Hello honeybees

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Hello honeybees
At Ashfield Gardens, we have sheep and two ponies. And there've always been chickens', says Cecilia, the garden manager.
And now there are bees. They're living in four hives, in a quiet spot in the garden.

Their owner, Tim, needed somewhere to keep them and our organically cultivated land seemed the perfect location.

'We had wanted bees at Ashfield, but didn’t know if we could manage them', says Cecilia. 'This is great because Tim is the beekeeper – he comes and looks after them – and we have all the benefits of the bees.'

Busy and buzzy

Ashfield Gardens covers five acres of land and is part of our Berith and Camphill Partnership community.

'I volunteer in Ashfield Gardens,looking after the Shetland ponies', says Carl. 'The work makes me happy.'

Once the bees are up and buzzing, we hope they'll be happy here too, pollinating all the flowers and the fruit trees.

'We've got a hundred and twenty fruit trees, so it's wonderful for our garden to have bees', says Cecilia.

This spring and summer there will be delicious honey as well – extracted by Tim, with help from any Ashfield gardeners who would like to take part, and leaving enough for the bees to thrive on.

'They are a benefit to the garden and they don’t bother me when I go backwards and forwards to the ponies', says Carl.