Helpful shoppers

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Nicholas, Gareth and Paul - The helpful shoppers
Helpful shoppers

Butter, eggs, pints of milk, heavy tins... getting out to the shops and then home again with the bags can become a struggle and a worry as we get older.

But not for lucky residents of Deansfield Court in Malton. They have Nicholas, Gareth and Paul to help them. 

The three men from The Croft give up their Wednesdays to ‘pop to the shops’ for those at Deansfield whose age or infirmity means they can’t shop for themselves. 

‘I really like shopping for people and helping them’, says Nicholas. ‘We meet at 9am at Michael House, then we go to Deansfield. Lee or Sandra drives us. We pick up the shopping lists. Then we head over to Morrisons.’


Trolleys are go!

There’s a brief pause for a cup of coffee in the café while everyone agrees who’s going to take responsibility for each list. Then it’s time to collect trolleys and get started.

Nicholas is really good at checking sell by dates and keeping an eye out for special offers. If he can’t find something, he feels confident asking one of the staff. And at the checkout he packs the bags with great care. ‘If you put the bread in with other things it gets squashed’, he explains. ‘And the eggs might break.’

Once the lists are all crossed off and the bulging bags stowed safely in the boot, it’s back to the store for a well-deserved lunch – it’s amazing how food shopping works up an appetite.