Horses and Reindeer

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Horses and Reindeer
There's a curious new arrival in the Wood Workshop at Oaklands: a Shave Horse. It's a kind of workbench, and almost everyone has had a go on it since Mike brought it in. 

Emily has been using it to curl bark to make a Shave Flower. It takes concentration and co-ordination. ‘It’s hard work but it’s fun’, she says.

Something for everyone

Emily likes to come to the Wood Workshop when she’s not at college. Even with all the regulars – Victor, Ann, Sarah, Juliana, Colin, Ben, Ian, Bob, Oliver, Richard, Angus, Tim and Simon – there’s always room to join in, and something interesting to do.

Bob is shaping a bowl on the wood lathe. Since joining Oaklands earlier this year, he’s found his niche in the Wood Workshop. He feels he’s continuing a family tradition, as his father was a cooper. And he's taken a real shine to the community: 'I like it here. It's much better. More freedom.'

Get your Rudolf

Talk turns to the forthcoming Advent Fair and local Christmas markets. This year, the workshop team will again be selling their big, hand-crafted wooden reindeer. Logs are used for the body, and branches for the antlers: 'we go out and find them in the woods', says Anna, who oversees everything. They are very appealing.

There’s also an order of cloakroom pegs for a school and a set of beehives to finish. 'As we don’t have funding any more, we take every opportunity to generate income that we can', explains Anna.

Then a song by The Hollies comes on the radio, and everyone whoops, especially Ann. It's her favourite band: 'I’ve been going to see them since 1997.'