How our allotment grows

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How our allotment grows
How our allotment grows

Our allotment in St Albans is now heading into its second spring in our tender care. As we’re an urban community, it’s wonderful to have a patch of land to get to know and look after. It brings us together and puts
us in touch with the natural world.

When we got it, it needed a lot of work so the first task was to have a clear-up. Everyone turned out to help.

‘We took the big stones off the beds and we took out the weeds, then we made the beds level and we sowed some seeds which were carrots, radishes, flowers, potatoes, rhubarb and spinach’, recalls Elisabeth.

‘I liked planting vegetables’, remembers Maxine. ‘I worked with Mel and James. Afterwards, we all went back and had a barbeque.’ It was a perfect end to a productive day – and the start of a summer of tasty home-grown veg.

This year our ambition is to grow more varieties. ‘We’re going to use a greenhouse to start things off earlier’, explains Anthony. ‘And hopefully we might be able to get a little polytunnel where we could harden off the plants and maybe grow tomatoes and cucumbers.’

‘The aim is to be self-sufficient. Not only to save money but to have fresh vegetables with all the natural nutrients and vitamins, and no chemicals. All organic.’