How you've helped Larchfield grow

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How you've helped Larchfield grow

Three years ago, just under forty people were benefitting from being part of our Larchfield community. Today, that number has doubled to eighty! This growth would not have been possible without you, our generous friends. In particular, you've helped us improve our Café and our Craft Workshop, so that more people can join us during the day.

You can see the difference

Our Café stands right at the entrance to our community – and with your help, seven new people have joined the team, because we've made internal improvements to allow for a bigger kitchen and more customers. As Michael says, 'It's better – it's a bigger space. More people can work and we are doing more food preparation.'

Doubly creative

Walk further down the road, and you'll come to the building that houses the Craft Workshop. Thanks to your support, the workshop has doubled in size – and there's a variety of new craft tools, including a special kiln for fusing glass – giving more than a dozen new people the chance to join in, meet new people and express themselves creatively.

Lee is one of them: 'I do sewing, I do knitting and I do weaving. I have made new friends. I like it here.' Thank you for all that you've done to enrich our lives.