I’ve always wanted to drive

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I’ve always wanted to drive
I’ve always wanted to drive

Tristan, a member of our Taurus Crafts community, is really pleased with his new motor scooter. It has three wheels – two of them up front. ‘I go everywhere on it’, he says.

So it only takes Tristan five minutes to get from home to the Taurus Crafts centre, where he works in the garden. The scooter also comes in handy when he needs to pop out on an errand, like going to the local sawmill to buy some wood.

‘I have a wood workshop in the shed, at home’, he explains. ‘Woodworking is what I like doing best. I started learning how to do it at school. I make lots of different things. Jewellery boxes, mirrors and wooden bottle stoppers.’

‘I’m quite determined’

While Tristan is very independent-minded – ‘I’m quite determined, everyone knows that’ – he also likes having the companionship and support that comes from living in a shared house, within a caring community. ‘This is my tenth year living in Taurus’, he says.

Having his own set of wheels is a really satisfying achievement. ‘I always wanted to drive. I might not be able to cope with a car, but a motor bike is ok.’