'I like the friendliness'

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'I like the friendliness'

The Croft garden was once a quarry. We worked hard to improve and enrich the soil - and now it feeds us with all kinds of vegetables and fruit.

Lots of variety

Fiona and Ginny both enjoy helping the garden grow. 'I like the atmosphere, the people, the friendliness', says Ginny.

Fiona says, 'I like the variety. The thing with the garden is, one day we could be planting indoors, and another day we might be outside.'

From tomatoes to apples

This year we've had bumper crops of everything from tomatoes, lettuce and beans, to peppers and purple sprouting broccoli.

We've also made new friendships, as young people joined us for afternoons of fresh air and activity during the school summer holidays.

Soon, there will be apples to harvest – with plenty to enjoy and share with neighbours when we hold our annual Apple Day.

'You can have food from the garden all year long', says Ginny.