'I liked the Tour de Yorkshire'

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'I liked the Tour de Yorkshire'

It was a race that brought the drama of top-level cycling and some of the UK’s most stunning landscapes to the attention of people around the world.

And on day one of the Tour de Yorkshire, when the competitors toiled up and across the North York Moors, they came right past Botton Village.

It was really thrilling, and Mark was amongst the group who walked up to the top of Danby Dale to watch. In honour of the occasion, he brought his bicycle along. ‘I pushed it right up to the top, and then right back down again after’, he explains. ‘I don’t cycle on hills, it gets my knees.’

While they waited, Stephen had a good time chatting to the police on bikes, who had come from as far away as Devon and Cornwall to help keep the route traffic-free.

Here they come

David was the first to spot the riders, as he’d brought his binoculars.

‘I was watching them come up the road. I was happy Team Sky were in front, they were a British team. It was exciting. Everyone was cheering.’

As the riders flashed past, the camera crews on motorbikes and the helicopter hovering overhead added greatly to the noise and excitement.

 ‘A big cheer went up when we saw all the cyclists coming past’, says Fiona.

‘I liked the Tour de Yorkshire’, says Mark. ‘I enjoyed it’, agrees Jane. ‘I would go again.’