It’s My Life!

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It’s My Life!
It’s My Life!

‘It was very interesting, in what people were doing and what people were saying’, says Pat, from Botton Village. ‘I liked all of it’, adds James.

They’re talking about It’s My Life!, the conference which they and 50 other Camphill residents attended back in March.

It was an important opportunity to learn about and discuss Personalisation – the new direction in social care. It’s all about ensuring that people have maximum choice and control over their lives – in what they do, where they live, and what relationships they have.

‘The social care landscape is moving along at a rapid pace’, says Phil, the conference organiser, ‘and we are making sure we move along with it.

’After an ice-breaker, everyone went off to workshops to think and talk about their aspirations. Relationships, home life, work, training and leisure opportunities, and the practicalities of making a personal plan,were all up for discussion. ‘We split up into groups’, says James. ‘Afterwards we all came back together to do are-cap on what we talked about.’

100% satisfaction

And as with any Camphill event, the work was leavened with creativity and fun – with a disco, visiting drama group, guest speakers and fabulous food. We’d like to thank everyone who donated to our fundraising appeal last autumn and made it possible for more people to attend, share their views and help shape their futures and those of their communities. Evaluation forms showed the conference achieved a 100% enjoyment, learning and satisfaction rating! More projects are in the pipeline to ensure that this important work continues.