It’s sew good

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It’s sew good
It’s sew good

At our sewing club on Saturday evening, there’s chatter, music and activities for everyone.

 We love it so much that we sometimes go on until 10 pm’, says Mel. She and her friends at St Albans community are sitting together, surrounded by spools of thread, bright bits of felt and fabric, knitting needles and balls of wool – and homemade biscuits to keep everyone going.I really enjoy sewing’, says Kay, who leads the group. She started off making curtains and blinds, and her skills grew from there. She was delighted when she heard there were people in the community who were interested to learn.

Needing a home

There are quite a lot of different projects on the go. ‘I make sock monkeys and my friends do knitting’, says Lou. There are cardigans, cushion covers, woolly scarves and cross-stitches. They make great presents for family and friends. The group also offer a mending service to fellow residents at a generously low rate.

It will be even better when they’ve got somewhere proper to meet. ‘We won’t have a permanent space until the new St Albans community building is finished’, explains Kay. If you helped us to raise money towards this building project last year, you can be sure that when it is done, the sewing group, for one, will be very happy to have a home.