'It's like a family'

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'It's like a family'

Guest volunteer Johanna, a teacher from Colombia, travelled far to join our St Albans community last year. Here she reflects on her Camphill journey.

‘In South America, people with special needs are not included in education.

They are ignored, invisible. As a teacher I was told to “keep them busy”. That was not something I wanted to do. That’s how I became interested in studying education for people with special needs. And then I heard about Camphill.

‘Friends and family told me it would be hard. But I am really happy to be living, working and dedicating myself to a community where everyone cares for each other. Every day is a surprise, seeing the things that people can do.

Life changing

‘Living in the same house with people, I feel connected to them. I support them with preparing meals and with organising their days. I also work in the Art Studio, helping with crafts and projects.

Once inside the door you feel a lovely atmosphere. Everybody appreciates each other as a human being.

‘I think what is different about Camphill is the communication, the caring, the being part of each other’s lives, like a family. Iam sure that being part of Camphill St Albans has changed my life completely.’