'It's the first medal I've won'

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'It's the first medal I've won'

Howard, who lives in Botton Village, is pleased as punch to have won a sporting medal for Outstanding Performance in swimming. 

He won it at this year's northern regional Rotary Games for people with learning disabilities, which Howard attended with four other Botton residents. 

'Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a really fantastic day', says Sean, one of the three Botton staff who volunteered to support the excursion. 

A big surprise

There were lots of different events to take part in, including table tennis and curling. Howard really liked curling: 'It's a new thing for me', he says.

But the medal was the big surprise of his day. Even though Howard goes to the pool regularly with the Botton swimming group, he didn't expect such success.

'He was absolutely knocked out by it', says Sean. And on Howard’s return, his friends in the Botton 'Learn to lead' group gave him a round of applause that had him skipping and punching the air with delight. 'It's the first medal I've won. I was proud that I won it. I keep it in my bedroom, on a picture’, says Howard.