It's Pizza Day!

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It's Pizza Day!

On Wednesdays, it’s all hands on deck at the Bakery at Delrow – because it’s Pizza Day.

A community tradition that stretches back for years, Pizza Day is delicious and practical, giving every household a much-appreciated ready meal and night off from cooking. 

‘The pizzas go to the houses and you eat them or they get frozen for another night’, says Valerie, who’s on the afternoon pizza team.

‘Adam makes the dough. Then me, Adam, Melissa, Marco and James put some tomato sauce on the pizza base. And then we put on the cheese and onions, and other stuff as well.’

A well-oiled operation

Although the team make it look easy, it takes a day and a half to make enough pizza to feed the whole community.

‘I normally make and roll out all the dough for the bases on Tuesday afternoon’, says Adam. ‘The Wednesday morning group prepare all the toppings and make the sauce. Then the afternoon team come in and put the toppings on.

‘We use organic ingredients as much as possible, from our own garden or locally sourced or grown in the UK.’ At the end of the day, the pizzas are carefully wrapped and placed in baskets – there’s one at the Bakery for each household – and taken home or collected by a willing volunteer.

‘Some of the pizzas have meat and others don’t’, says Valerie. ‘I like the meat ones best.’