Jamie goes to Anfield!

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Jamie goes to Anfield!
Jamie goes to Anfield!

Everyone who knows Jamie at the Croft community knows that he’s a football fan.

And that for him, there’s only one team: Liverpool FC. ‘I’ve supported Liverpool for a long time’, he says.

To see his team play one day was Jamie’s greatest wish in all the world. So his surprise trip to Anfield in honour of his 40th birthday was
a dream come true.

Thanks to his friend Chris, and Jeanette Dodd, who represents disabled supporters on the LFC Supporters Committee, tickets were     secured for a match with Newcastle.

‘On the day, we travelled to Liverpool. We got to the stadium all right. We went in a cab from the station.’ On arrival, there was a warm welcome from Jeanette and others from the Committee, who presented Jamie with a card and birthday gift of a club scarf.

Seated in the second row, near the goal, Jamie had a great view when Luis Suarez scored a blinder just a few meters in front of him. ‘It was fantastic’, he says. ‘The crowds were brilliant. And the players were good too!’ All in all, it was a day he’ll never forget.