Jamie Pops Up

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Jamie Pops Up

Jamie, a member of our Croft community, is a mainstay of the team that runs the popular Kingfisher Café in the heart of Malton.

'I work three times during the week,on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday', he says. 'And I do the café on the weekends as well.

'It was to help save the library'

'I deal with the customers and some of the food. Making toasties and things like that.' 

Jamie also helped run a Pop Up Kingfisher Café for six weeks, at the nearby Norton Library, with some of his colleagues from the Kingfisher.

Thanks to their efforts, it was a great success in demonstrating the library's potential to add new services that would benefit the local community.

'We produced all the goods for the Pop Up, here at the Kingfisher', says café manager Nicola. 'Then we packaged them all up and took them down there to sell.'

For furniture, they cobbled together an assortment of tables and chairs – 'just what we could find', Nicola says, 'but it looked really nice.'

Jamie says, 'We went to the library, and we set up tables, chairs and flowers. We served people with coffee, teas or juices. We had some cakes and scones as well.

'It was a bit different doing a café at the library. It was to help save the library.'